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  Heat Transfers
  Water Cycle
  Weather & Climate

Heat Transfers
Heat Transfers Interactive site for understanding conduction, radiation and convection.
Beat the Heat Another resource for the 3 types of heat transfer. Plus has a word game to reinforce some of the vocabulary words.
Heat Transfer Interactive Venn Diagram
Bill Nye: Heat
Video: Crash Course - Convection in the Atmosphere
Song: Heat in the Atmosphere
Water Cycle
Video: Sustainable Water by National Science Foundation
USGS Interactive Water Cycle
Water Cycle Song
Water Cycle in Oregon
Water Cycle Interactive
Water Cycle Models Get instruction on how to make a water cycle model.
  Weather & Climate
Lesson: Factors that Affect Climate
Interactive Weather MakerUse this for your class assignment
Web Weather For Kids Learn all about weather. What causes thunder, lightening, blizzards, hurricanes, and more. A good place to begin learning about all about weather. Once you think you have mastered the topic you should use your knowledge to try to forecast some weather.
Weather Gone Wild Learn about the water cycle, fronts and air masses, and extreme weather. Another great thinkquest site.
National Weather Service Page Get weather forecasts from throughout the U.S. including satellite maps, jet streams, storm warnings, etc.
Geography for Kids This great site will help explain the atmopshere and how it affects weather. It has topics such as the electormagnetic spectrum, heat transfers, greenhouse effect, all explained in easy, kid-friendly language.
Weather Stations Get instruction on how to make your own weather instruments at home.
National Severe Storm Laboratory
Cloud Types Ever wonder what those big puffy clouds are called? Find out here as well as learn how to predict the weather by identifying different types of clouds.
Weather Underground Look up local weather forecasts before you make plans for the weekend. Check out the weather throughout the state before planning that skating road trip, or check out the weather across the country before your big family vacation. This site is easy to use and up-to-date.
Air Masses and FrontsWhat is an air mass? What are weather fronts? How do these affect our daily lives? Find out here.
Understanding Our Atmosphere This site is written for kids and covers all topics related to the atmopshere, global warming, uneven heating and more! Great site.
Understanding the Electromagnetic Spectrum This is a page by NASA to help explain the electromagnetic spectrum.
Weather Folklore Check to see if Mrs. Page is telling the truth or telling you some common folklore.
Space & Astronomy
NASA Space Site This is a great site that could take days to thoroughly explore. Look at photos of space as well as pictures of earth taken from satellites.
Visible Earth See images of Earth from space. Includes amazing images of weather patterns, city lights, storms, etc. Simply amazing!
Starchild A site for beginning astronomers. Available in five different languages. Has beginning level or more advanced level.
Planet Earth Start on Earth and then travel to other planets. Another great Thinkquest site!
Views of Our Solar System Look at pictures of the Sun, planets, moons, comets, asteroids, and more
Aliens: World of Possibilities Could there be aliens out there? Could life exist in space? What planets might be able to support life? Do scientists think aliens have visited Earth? Here is a page to start looking at these questions.