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Topic 1 Systems & Models

Systems & Models
1.1.1 Outline the concept and characteristics of systems.
1.1.2 Apply the systems concept on a range of scales.
1.1.3 Define the terms open system, closed system, and isolated system.
1.1.4 Describe how the first and second laws of thermodynamics are relevant to environmental systems.
1.1.5 Explain the nature of equilibria.
1.1.6 Define and explain the principles of positive feedback and negative feedback.
1.1.7 Describe transfer and transformation processes.
1.1.8 Distinguish between flows (inputs and outputs) and storages (stocks) in relation to systems.
1.1.9 Construct and analyze quantitative models involving flows and storages in a system.
1.1.10 Evaluate the strengths and limitations of models.

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