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Chem. 10 Class Syllabus
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Atomic Structure
Periodic Table
Chemical Bonding & Formulas
 Equations, Reactions & Stoichiometry
  Acids & Bases


  Measurement & Data Processing

Topic 1: Matter
Kinetic Theory & States of Matter
States of Matter Video
Hey Soul Sister Phase Changes Song
  For Resources on Measurement & Data Processing
Properties of Matter PPT
Classifying Matter Video
Physical & Chemical Properties Lesson
Properties Song
Phase Change Diagrams
Khan Academy: Intro To Acids & Bases
Bozeman Science: Acids, Bases & pH
pHet Simulation Lab on pH
Atomic Structure
Crash Course: History of Atomic Structure
Basic Atomic Structure
Bill Nye: Atoms
Bohr Model Activity
Bohr Model Explained
Bohr Model Extra Practice Wkst
Molar Mass Practice Online
Molar Mass Extra Practice Wkst w/ Answers
Isotope PPT
Isotope Extra Practice w/ Answers
Mole Calculations PPT
Moles to Mass Practice
Mass to Moles Practice
Mass to Moles Extra Practice w/ Answers
Khan Academy: The Mole & Avogadro's Number
Using Avogadro's Number Practice
Using Avogadro's Number Extra Practice w/ Answers
Grams, Moles, Atoms Calculation Worksheet - Extra Practice
KEY: Grams, Moles, Atoms Calculation Worksheet
Study Guide for Atoms Test
The Periodic Table and Periodicity
Daniel Radcliffe sings The Elements Song
Video Lesson of The Periodic Table
Yep, another song by our favorite science song writer
Crash Course: The Periodic Table Video
Chem4Kids Periodic Table
Chemicool Periodic Table give TONS of information on each element
Interactive Periodic Table
Interactive Periodic Table- student recommended by Ian L.
Video: Trends in Periodic Table
Interactive Trends on Periodic Table
Interactive Atomic Radii Trend
PPT Periodic Families from Class
PPT Periodic Trends from Class- Note: DO NOT try to memorize, try to UNDERSTAND the concepts.
<Periodic Table Choice Activity Alternative Assessment
Study Guide for Periodic Table Test
Chemical Bonding, Formulas, and Naming Molecules
Chem Guide to Bonding Menu
Animated Bonding Tutorial
Crash Course: Chemical Bonds
Ionic Bonding Interactive Tutorial (PBS)
A Trick to Learn your Polyatomic Ions
Polyatomic Ion Rap
Bozeman Naming Compounds Video
Covalent Bonding Interactive Tutorial (PBS)
Drawing Lewis Structure Tutorial
Bitesize: Chemical Formulas
Quizlet: Naming Covalent Compounds
Quiz: Naming Ionic Compounds
PPT Lewis Structures
Video: Crash Course Bonding Models & Lewis Structures
Video: Crash Course Types of Chemical Bonds
Video: Polar Covalent, Nonpolar Covalent & Ionic Bonds
Video: Metallic Bonding & Properties of Metals
Video: Metallic Bonding
PPT Calculating Percent Composition
PPT The MOLE is Back
PPT Empirical & Molecular Formulas
Extra Practice with Empirical & Molecular Formulas with Key
Extra Practice with Percent Composition with Key
PPT: Metallic Bonding
PPT: Bonding Review
Study Guide - Chemical Bonding and Formulas
  Chemical Equations & Reactions
PPT: Balancing  Chemical Equations
Beginner Guide to Balancing Chemical Equations
Steps to Balancing Equations
Balancing Equations Online Game
Practice Balancing & Word Equations with Answer Key
Many Equation Problems (balancing, predicting, formulas, etc) with Answer Keys
PPT: Types of Chemical Reactions (from class)
Flintstones: Classifying Reactions
6 Types of Chemical Reactions
Quia: Classifying Reactions
Worksheet Classifying Chemical Reactions
PPT: Predicting Products Summary
PPT: Stoichiometry
What is a mole?
Mole Song
Stoichiometry Tutorial
Dimensional Analysis
Khan Academy: Stoichiometry
Acids & Bases
PPT: Acids, Bases, & Molarity (class)
PPT: Naming Acids
PPT: The pH Scale (class)
PPT Reactions with Acids (class)
Introduction to Acids & Bases Webquest
Solution Crash Course Video
Chem4Kids: Solutions & Mixtures
How to Solve Solution Problems? 
Quia Naming Acids Quiz
Practice Naming Acids w/ Key
List of Common Polyatomic Ions
Molarity Calculations Practice w/ Answer Key
Extra Practice Calculating pH & [H+] with answer key
Neutralization Reactions
Study Guide: Equations, Reactions & Stoichiometry
Measurement & Data Processing
Khan Academy: Significant Figures
How Many Sig. Figs. Game
Sig. Fig Rounding Game
Data Processing PPT
Measurement & Sig. Figs. PPT
Khan Academy: Scientific Notation
Sig. Fig. & Sci. Notation Online Test
Practice Sci. Notation
King Kong Scientific Notation Game
Review Accuracy vs. Precision
Measurement & Uncertainty Video
Gases (for those that want to get ahead for next year)
Nasa: Boyle's Law Activity
Khan Academy: Gas Laws
Animated Charles and Gay-Lussac's Law
Interactive Gas Laws
Crash Course: Ideal Gas Law